• Helping Weston High School graduates make the transition to college since 1970

    Weston High School
    Scholarship fund

  • What We Do

    We help fill the gap between what college costs and what families can pay

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    No one can anticipate the unexpected.

    Every year there are many Weston High School graduates...

    ...who find it challenging to continue their education because of financial difficulties or unexpected life circumstances. Families who receive aid often find that what the school provides will not be enough. Some students try to contribute to their tuition by working part-time after school and during the summer. Even after all these contributions, students and parents often find there is still a gap.

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    That's when we come in. We help fill the gap.

    The Weston High School Scholarship Committee (WHSSC)...

    ...was established in 1970 to provide financial assistance to members of Weston’s first graduating class in 1971. The committee administers the "Weston High School Scholarship Fund."


    SINCE 1970, More than 600 Weston STUDENTs

    have been supported by our committee!

    You may not know us, but we've been here for years

    The WHSSC has been enabling grads to start their college careers since 1970.  More than 600 Weston young people have been supported by our committee.

    The process is private

    Both the application and award processes are confidential. Only members of the WHSSC review applications, which are held in strictest confidence. Applicants and grantees will remain anonymous.

  • Who We help

    We know: College is insanely expensive. Even in well-to-do Weston, we all hit hard times now and again.

    Here are some illustrative situations where the WHSSC was able to help:

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    Student A

    Dad lost his job

    Student A’s dad lost his job senior year leaving the family with a temporary financial short fall. We awarded that student a $2500 grant to purchase books, supplies and help pay for transportation to get home throughout the year.


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    Student B

    Identity theft

    Someone stole the identity of Student B’s father, leading to several months of stress and financial chaos. That student was awarded $3000 to help ease the transition to college.



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    Student C

    Medical bills

    A sports injury and unexpected medical bills put a strain on Student C’s ability to work part-time her senior year. The WHSSC helped her with a grant of $1750.



  • how it works

    Important information about the WHSSC

    Available grants

    •  “WESTON BeST” grants of $2500:  Targeted towards books, supplies and transportation costs (Average annual cost: $2400. The College Board)
    • Discretionary grants:  Depending on the applicant’s financial need and available funds, the WHSSC may provide grants both less than or greater than $2500

    Eligibility requirements

    • Graduating Weston High School students who have been admitted to a college, university or technical school
    • Demonstrated financial need based on tax returns and gaps in first year financial aid package
    • In addition, the committee considers scholastic record and participation in school and town activities.

    Award process

    There are three parts to the process: Apply, Financial Need Disclosure, Interview

    • Apply: Students download and complete the WHSSC application (also available through the Naviance system under “Weston High School Scholarship Fund”) and submit it to the WHS Guidance office. The deadline usually falls in May each year.
    • Financial Need Disclosure: Families provide a recent tax return, financial aid packages and details on how the balance will be met
    • Interview: Students will interview with members of the WHSSC

    Interviews occur during May and June. Typically, grantees will be notified by June 30th. Checks are made payable to the Bursar at the student’s chosen school to his or her account.


    Even small contributions can make a difference


    The WHSSC needs your support! Weston has been generous in the past in supporting its own.


    These young women and men may not have the opportunity to further their education without your help.


    We are a 501 C3 organization and your contributions will be tax deductible.

    We look forward to, and thank you for, your response and support.


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    We'd love to hear from you.

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    Send your donations to:

    Weston High School Scholarship Committee

    Post Office Box 1026

    Weston, Connecticut 06883


    The WHSSC consists of seven members from the Weston community.

    Our secretary is former WHS teacher and coach Bob Westervelt